YK.SIN (short for YAKUILLASIN) - Artist/Producer/DP

" YK.SIN' -short for" Yakuillasin',is 
a high energy artist that is quickly becoming an ace of all trades. 
This artist/producer/designer hails from Pasadena California and 
is the definition of versitility in todays rapidly changing music scene. 
Quote from Miami NewTimes' -S.Pajot - 
"You've heard the haters' standard bitch: "Man, the rap game these days ain't nothin' but a lobotomized, blinged-out, corporate pimp." And while that's true to a certain extent, hip-hop in the late aughts is anything but a bag of boring, homogenized bullshit. For every one-dimensional gangsta rap retread, you've got a Nintendo-obsessed hipster hopper, or a Tao-infused backpacker, or even some lyrically deranged, schizophrenic superstar like Lil' Wayne. And, for one creeping through our own backyard, meet the modestly odd Yakuillasin, a.k.a. YK.SIN "

And yes,the Sin is just an acronym for (Systematic-Illass-Nigga)